Scott’s readings have always resonated profoundly in my heart as true... he struck that deep chord of knowing within that whispered, yes... And because his words echoed a truth I felt but was hiding from, the reading was both inspiring to reach deeper and supporting of the journey I have already taken.
— Sheldon, California

Scott has a very grounded, gentle and direct presence and approach. Scott was able to give me clear, accurate and intuitive guidance. He helped me become clearer about situations in my life that I could not fully comprehend which helped me move forward. I experienced a sense of ease and understanding that continued after our session. Everyone I’ve referred Scott to has equally appreciated their session with him.
— Kelly, Canada

Scott has an amazing gift. He tapped into what was going on in my world and helped me gain clarity. It stopped me getting lost in chaos and come back to myself. His session gave me much comfort and hope and he ended with a beautiful meditation. Thanks so much for sharing your gift.
— Carla, UK

I was first referred to Scott from a friend of mine who shared rave reviews. I had been to a few other spiritual guides at the time and was interested to connecting to a few other people, as the beginning of my journey was all about “validation”. My mind was still having difficultly processing how this all worked. My immediate reaction to Scott was how much I loved his “style”. It was soft and caring, mindful and intuitive. It was like going to a therapist who already knew my entire story, so I didn’t have to waste time “catching” him up on my life. He already knew exactly where I was and where my struggles were. It was like talking to an old friend who was able tap into my spiritual team and help guide me in my decisions. I have been working with Scott throughout the past few years and consider him a part of my coaching/support team. I have referred him to many friends who have all had incredible feedback. I can’t recommend him enough or thank him enough for the work he is sharing with me and the world.

- Jeanine, California

"My readings with Scott always feel collaborative. It's like settling into a beautiful, safe and open space that allows the deepest of truths to come forward. They do so, through Scott, in a direct and heartfelt way; always leaving me with something to ponder and go more deeply into on my own. Scott is connected, and in integrity so that this process is facilitated in such a grounded and stable way. Deeper self-awareness and loving messages are always revealed, and for that I'm so appreciative of Scott's ability to allow this connection with the Divine through him. What a great gift of empowerment and awareness."

-Stefanie, Canada

I didn’t know what to expect with my reading with Scott so when he began to connect with me and I really felt it very strongly, it was extremely profound. He gave me insightful and useful information that he gathered from my spirit guides and made sense of a lot of what had been happening to me in over my lifetime, which had led me to get the reading in the first place. Since then I have been able to use the information to my benefit, working with my spirit guides and using my energy and meditation in a more useful way. Scott is kind, gentle, understanding and supportive. He answered my questions following the reading as the information supplied was quite overwhelming at first. I would recommend him to any of my friends who are trying to make sense of their own intuitive ability.

- Rachel, Sydney Australia

"My session with Scott was mind blowing, he touched on so many aspects of my life, helped me make sense of them and take action in following my dreams. I can honestly say that since the session my life has been on a path of creative fulfillment and I am living my life to the fullest." 

- Declan, California

"My session with you was very unique in that I felt very 'close' to you, as in closely seen, and that we were tuning into insights and my guides together at times. In fact it was the first time I'd ever been 'taught' - in a very simple and tangible way - to connect to my intuition and guides. I've been able to tune in in a way that feels accessible and simple ever since. I really appreciate that I didn't feel a distance with you that I often feel with other intuitives. I also felt seen on many levels... (for example when you told me that my relationship simply wasn't 'enough' for me because of the lack of physical contact) and that there was no judgment towards me or anyone in my life. This meant a lot to me."

- Tracy, Canada

"I was given the wonderful gift of speaking with Scott in the summer of 2018. (My second reading). Scott kept mentioning “divine love” and that he really felt a beautiful relationship was coming to me. At the time this was the absolute last thing I could see happening for myself, at least I did not see it happening anytime soon. Scott told me that he felt within a years time I would be in a loving committed relationship. Well little did I know just how soon divine love would be knocking on my door! It’s been shy of 4 months since my reading with Scott and well divine love most certainly has entered into my life. It happened quite suddenly and unexpectedly. I truly feel that doing deep inner work on myself and tuning into the messages of my soul and guides (with the help of mentors like Scott) is the reason why I am now experiencing the bliss and joy that divine love brings into our lives. Love truly is patient and love truly is kind but we must first and foremost find that patience and kindness for our own selves and our own hearts before we are able to receive it from another. Scott has been amazing and wonderful in giving me insight and perspective into my own soul and my own intuitive abilities to heal myself. We all have this ability!

- Olivia, Ontario, Canada

I loved my reading with Scott. I felt his compassion and commitment to practicing with integrity right away, and felt beautifully guided into a deeper relationship with my own intuition - something that I hadn’t experienced before with other readers. I felt we were peers looking at my life together without judgment. In this way I felt truly seen, and empowered to trust my inner voice and wisdom. I look forward to more!”

- Tracy D; Vancouver, BC

Thank you so much, Scott, for my reading I received from you. It brought me peace of mind to know that my guardian angels are always around to guide me throughout life and that only happened with your help.

- Kathy, California 

“Scott always sheds a high and Divine perspective during his readings. One message he said to me was that I have been given the gift of open time and relaxation in this lifetime. I don't have a lot of outside pressures however I fought the feelings of guilt for a long time because I felt like I wasn't doing enough or needed to be doing more. But Scott's message would always whisper in my inner enjoy the gift of time to be myself. It was a very healing message that I needed to hear in order to appreciate what I have. Another message he said to me years later was about issues in my stomach area. He was right...I was starting to have digestion issues and he picked up on it right away. Scott's readings always vibrate with a frequency of honesty, love and kindness. Thank you, Scott!”

- Deedra, Oakland California

Scott has a beautiful way of creating a safe, welcoming space that puts you at ease allowing you to open up and be comfortable. Each time I have a reading with Scott, he helps me connect deeper with who I am and invite more clarity as well as love, light and joy into my life. He is authentic, caring and generous, he has a truly special gift that I feel so blessed that he's shared it with me.

- Jo, Vancouver Canada

Everyone should have a session with Scott! He is amazing. I  got to hear what my Angel's and Guides have to say.  Of course, looking back, they are right- so right..I am so much more clear about my path and how to proceed. I feel like I can now connect with my inner self, my guides, and that I'm not alone. It is quite freeing! And I must say, so comforting. I feel a million times stronger and open, and willing and happy. Thank you Scott, you are an Angel!

-Michelle, California