Bringing people & teams back to peace and harmony through miracles

Bringing people & teams back to peace and harmony through miracles

Soul Freedom for Individuals

I wrote Soul Freedom based on my own personal practice with Spirit and experiencing miracles within corporation as both an engineer and a manager. I practiced my spirituality (in secret), which is to say, I was practicing the forgiveness method as taught in A Course in Miracles.

I discovered a process that literally yielded miraculous results. By following the “forgiveness formula” and working with my new partner, Spirit, I let go and “let God” while I still performed my job duties. What I found was a partnership and process that worked every single time.

Do you resonate with any of the following work issues:

  • I separate my work/corporate self from my spiritual self

  • I feel very stressed at work and I don’t know how to feel more relaxed and calm in my work environment

  • The culture I work in is very intense and I don’t enjoy getting up in the morning

  • I wish I could quit my job, but I feel stuck

  • There’s no meaning or sense of purpose in the work I do, I wish I could have my own career in the spiritual world

If any of the above speak to you, I would love to work with you. I know where you’re at and my goal in this lifetime is to help people heal and feel joy in their lives again. Especially if you feel lost, alone, or frustrated in the frantic and often chaotic corporate world. Contact me and let me know what your struggles are and I’d be happy to talk with you (or message with you) and offer some immediate steps you can take to ease the stress in your life.

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Soul Freedom for Teams

There’s nothing more debilitating for a company than having toxic teams as part of the corporate culture. Trust me, I have experienced some pretty gnarly teams in my almost two decades in the corporate world. If you are a leader, manager, project leader, or principle and are struggling with your team(s), the Soul Freedom approach may be just what you need to bring in a partner that yields miraculous.

I’d love to teach you how to partner with Spirit so that you can:

  • Reduce your stress and the stress on your team

  • Learn to hand over the hard stuff to your new partner so you don’t have to do it all

  • Let go of controlling the minutia and letting Spirit heal situations and offer miraculous results

  • Let go of solving every problem (people and technical) and learn how Spirit solves even the toughest problems beyond your wildest imagination

Contact me and we can schedule some time to discuss your personal situation and I will offer immediate steps to reduce the stress in your life and allow you to start seeing results immediately.