What is Ocean Conservancy?

Organizations focused on ocean clean-up, marine life well-being, and legal approaches to a clean and health ocean.

Why should we care about our oceans?

Oceans produce more than half of the oxygen for our planet, absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and is considered to be our big weather creating engine that affects the planet (i.e. producing potable water and possibly reducing adverse climate effects). We also rely on the ocean for food sources, transportation, personal enjoyment, and healing.

As a “spiritual-minded” person I also feel that how we treat our ocean’s is a reflection on how healthy our minds and bodies are. The more we allow pollution in the ocean and destruction of our marine life, the more we will continue to decline in our mental and physical health as a society. Especially if you consider that we all consist of up to 60% water in our own bodies.

Our vital organs each contain even more water: brain and heart are approximately 75% and lungs are 83%. Consider what would happen to your body if you were to dump plastic and garbage into it on a daily basis. Oh wait, we are already doing that with the many processed and genetically modified foods being produced around the world (more-so in North America and Australia).

How can I help?

There are a few ways I would recommend one could help:

  1. Donate to or join one of the following organizations:

  2. Sign up for an ocean cleanup day:

  3. Adopt a marine animal: