Darrin William Owens - Darrin is a long-time friend, psychic, spiritual teacher, and author of several spiritually based and absolutely wonderful books (my personal favorite is Becoming Masters of Light). He is a master at giving straight-forward intuitive information, healing, and lifting negative energies. Check out his page for more information.

Sedona Center for the New Age - This is where I had my first psychic readings ever. It blew me away. Whenever I am in Sedona, AZ I always stop here for a reading. I choose readers by looking at their picture, reading their description or watching their short videos and choose based on how I feel. If you visit their store, check out the great crystal room!

Spiritual Teachers

Gary Renard - My favorite A Course in Miracles author. All of his books have opened my eyes more and more to the true nature of the universe and how to ultimately end karma while practicing true forgiveness. His first book, The Disappearance of the Universe is highly recommended.

Kyle Gray - I love Kyle Gray’s approach to teaching about angels and how to work with them for spiritual information, protection, and guidance. I constantly use his card deck, Keepers of the Light, for a lot of my readings and I am a Certified Angel Guide through his online course.