What will I get from an intuitive session?

I always tell my clients, that if anything, you will feel deeply peaceful and fully empowered at the end of a session. A lot of your worries will seem trivial. Your dream will feel achievable. You will definitely feel more supported and loved in life (especially being connected with your spiritual team).

I have helped people around the following areas:       

  • Healing and moving forward with regards to relationships

  • Clarity around a life choice and feeling out the best path forward

  • Guidance and information around current and future relationships

  • Guidance and information around current and future business or career paths

  • Guidance and support around relocating

  • Setting a life plan/dream goal and creating the steps to achieve goals

  • You will receive an audio recording after the session

What is an Angel Guide session?

I completed the Kyle Gray : Certified Angel Guide program in 2018. In an angel guide session we will:

  • Meet for about 60 minutes over Zoom or Skype as a video conference

  • Connect you to the guides, archangels and masters most prevalent in your life right now

  • Perform a 3-card reading on an area of your life you are looking for more guidance and answers from (i.e. spiritual gifts, life path, finances, relationships, career, or life decision)

  • Work with one (or more) of the following needs based on the outcomes of your reading (cutting cords, angelic healing, angelic protection, bringing in positivity/miracles, connecting you with your main angel or master at a deeper level)

  • You will receive an audio recording after the session

How does a session “work”?

At the beginning of the session I will explain how my approach works and answer any questions you have (this will not count towards the session time). We will then go through a relaxation exercise and then an invocation prayer. This is where I set positive space and protection as well as intend for spiritual connection and guidance (God, Holy Spirit, your guides, angels, Higher Self and Healers). Once connected I always feel into your energy and how you connect to your spiritual team. I share what I am feeling and any information that your spiritual team may have. Then we go through and answer whatever questions or life issues you are experiencing. Once the session is over we will have a chance to debrief. By the end of the day you will receive your audio file through hightail.com as an mp3 download.

Why are you better/different than other intuitives, life coaches or hypnotherapists?

The simple answer is that I am not better than any of the other intuitives, life coaches and hypnotherapists out there. There are so many wonderful professionals to choose from. What makes the most difference (in my opinion) is that you get a good feeling about our working together. Or maybe my background speaks to you. Or maybe someone referred you. All of these are good signs that we may work well together. If it doesn’t work out or you feel you didn’t receive the information or support you were looking for, I will happily refund a first session if you are not satisfied.

What is life coaching?

Life coaches are all about supporting you as a wonderful and whole being. We want to move you from confused or stuck into some sort of action that makes your heart swoon. We employ tools and techniques that help you create action in your life and then hold you accountable when you say you are going to do something. We also love to praise you and cheer you on every step of the way!

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a technique that basically gets you to relax and provides tools at a subconscious level to help remove any blocks or create healing so that you can continue to move toward a happy and fulfilling life. I usually employ hypnotherapy when I notice:

  • Someone is stuck around a specific idea or action

  • There is trauma and deep fear preventing you from moving forward in your life

There is a repeated pattern of “I can’t do that” or “This will not work for me” or “I am afraid of [blank].”

I will always ask if it's ok to try some hypnotherapy techniques. Many hypnotherapy methods are just like guided meditations. At the very least you will feel extremely relaxed and comfortable afterward.

Are you a licensed Hypnotherapist?

I am registered through Washington State and my Credential Number is HP60272586.

What spiritual sources are you connecting to in a session?

I am always connecting with God and the Holy Spirit above all else. This sets loving connection and protective space as well as helps to reduce the amount of distortion that may come through other spiritual archetypes. I will also (as needed) call in a client's guides, higher self, archangels, angels, and ascended masters since they want to work with you, help you and cheer you on.

Is receiving spiritual/intuitive information safe?

In all of my years working with intuitive guidance, I have never encountered a situation that I would deem to be unsafe, “evil”, or wanting to do harm. That is precisely why I say an invocation prayer and intend to connect with God and Holy Spirit directly. I am not a fan of connecting with anyone or anything that I have not vetted as a pure, loving and holy aspect of God.

Will this work if I don’t believe in hypnotherapy or receiving information from spirit?

I can always receive information and hypnotherapy (at the very least) helps people get relaxed and become more available to change. If you walk into a session with a closed-mind, just know it will take me longer to get information or will be like pulling wet spaghetti through a fine strainer – basically, it may be harder to get information for you.

How do I prepare for a session?

Write down questions in your life for which you would like guidance, coaching or healing. Keep in mind, if you have a long list we may not have time to answer every question or issue. Feel free to contact me ahead of time if you have any questions about the process or if you are curious about my capability to answer specific questions. I will also require either your phone number, email (for Zoom meetings) or Skype ID for the session.

What should I do after a session?

Drink plenty of water, relax as much as you can and allow the information and energy to integrate through you.

When is the best time to re-listen to my session?

Each person is different. Some feel ready to listen again later the same day. Most re-listen to the session in a few days to a few weeks. Whatever calls you. But don’t be surprised if you hear something that you don’t recall during the live session. I find that the information is multi-dimensional and working with your subconscious as well.

How much do you charge?

Please see the scheduling page for up to date information on session prices.

Do you refund a session if I am not satisfied?

I feel so strongly about the quality of information that clients receive that if you do not feel satisfied during your first session, I will gladly refund your money.

What is your cancellation policy?

You can contact me up to 2-hours before the session to cancel and I will honor a reschedule.

What is your missed session policy?

A missed session will be treated on a case-by-case basis. I will send you an email indicating the missed session. Contact me and we’ll see what we can work out.

In the odd instance where I might miss the session, you will be granted a make-up session, my humblest apologies, and extra session time.

Do you still offer free sessions?

I do offer free readings. About 10% of the readings I do are gifted to those that need help but find their financial situation difficult. Please contact me if you feel this fits you and we can work on scheduling you in. I average about one free (60 minute) session per month.