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My pen name is Scott Krytsa (which is a phonetic spelling of my last name). I typically write about spiritual-themed stories or non-fiction. I have a love for A Course in Miracles and you will typically find that is my main source of inspiration. All of my books are available on 

I do have some limited signed copies of my first novel "The Spirit That Moves Mountains". Please contact me for a personally signed copy.

The Spirit That Moves Mountains - A novel (2nd Edition)

The Spirit That Moves Mountains - A novel (2nd Edition)

The Spirit That Moves Mountains - A Novel (2nd Edition)

TWhat if Jeshua (Jesus) was so enlightened he never suffered during his trial and crucifixion? The Spirit That Moves Mountains is a fictional and controversial new take on the life of Jeshua and his equal, Mary Magdalene. Witness miracles, forgiveness and love like youve never seen it before. Re-experience life in Judea through the minds of masters.

Miracles are everywhere and it starts within your mind. Meet Jeshua and his wife Mary Magdalene like you never have before. A retelling of their story but the complete opposite of The Last Temptation of Christ and The Passion of the Christ." A mystical version of their life in the vein of Richard Bach, James Redfield, Paulo Coehlo and Dan Millman. Jeshua was fully enlightened before he was crucified, thus he never suffered. This is a story of man and wife in Judea over two thousand years ago as walking examples of forgiveness and A Course in Miracles. 

Experience how Jeshua and Mary think, not just what they do. Immerse yourself in the miracles of raising the dead, walking on water, and healing the sick and get insights on how they may have done this. 
Enjoy life in Judea as they are surrounded by friends and disciples. Especially the jokester, Thomas, his wife, Isaah, and their other friends who struggle to understand the teaching of masters and apply them in their lives.s.

Soul Freedom: A guide to Enlightenment At Your Day Job

Soul Freedom: A guide to Enlightenment At Your Day Job

Soul Freedom: A Guide To Enlightenment At Your Day Job

Soul Freedom encourages living spiritual mastery in your workplace. By applying the concepts of true forgiveness taught in A Course in Miracles, this practical guide helps one transform the chaos of our jobs into a journey filled with peace, joy and happiness. Scott Krajca applies his experience with practicing this approach towards helping individuals discover how they can achieve enlightenment, not by withdrawing from the world, but rather, immersing themselves in actively practicing spirituality in the midst of life’s seemingly tough situations and environments.

Soul Freedom explains how to love what you do and those around you despite the typical job doldrums, complexities and craziness. It suggests ways to practice true forgiveness and spirituality at work, in secret, so you can experience your own corporate miracles. It shows how to develop a relationship with Spirit and how that can transform your experience even in the workplace. Resources and real life examples are given throughout the book.

If you wake up, look ahead to your work day, and say to yourself, “There must be a better way than this,” then Soul Freedom will teach you necessary and practical approaches to sharing the miracle of love and practicing true forgiveness so you can achieve self-mastery, allow your mind to heal, and enjoy your life’s journey. Along the way, you just may encounter your own corporate miracles.

Trystorming Your Life's Dream

Trystorming Your Life's Dream

Trystorming Your Life's Dream: How to apply learning from gurus to achieve your heart's desire

What dream do you have that is unfulfilled? What’s preventing you from following your heart’s desire? Looking for tools to pull your dream from the ethers into reality?

Trystorming Your Life’s Dream uses success-proven techniques from Lean Manufacturing experts and shows how to apply them to your life, business, career and relationships. The process of Trystorming is fun, creative, and easy to follow. 

Whether you are looking to start a business, improve a business, follow through on a creative project or get back into the dating scene the steps and tips in this book will help you to get out of your own way and move in the direction of your heart.

Working with Spirit and leaning on guru teachings transform a business process into a life process that you can use over and over again to fulfill all of your dreams.