A 5-Step Process for Creating Your Yearly Vision/Plan

Step 1: Getting Ready for a Better You and a Better Year

We will succeed where we may have failed in the past

Raise your hand if you have tried New Year's resolutions and gave a up after a few days or a few weeks? Yes, I am raising my hand as well. I have some thoughts on what I would like to improve on for this year, but I would like to approach my yearly commitments in a new way.

Are you with me? Let's put together a life plan that we can actually stick to!

This process will not take an evening of commitment, but a fun process that we will take the next 5 steps to work on together. And, yes, I will be doing all of the steps with you as well.

The first phase for our new year plan will be the "clearing the way" phase. Clearing the way will consist of: taking stock, cleansing, and purging.

Taking Stock

Hopefully with the remaining days left in 2018, you can take 15-30 minutes by quickly perusing the year in your mind. Or maybe you can use triggers like a calendar you have used, social media pictures you have taken, or Facebook posts.

Just quickly jog your memory of all of the wonderful experiences you have had (yes, many may have been learning experiences) and keep asking yourself - Did this serve my highest and greatest good? Did this keep me on my path or distract me? Could I have handled this situation or relationship in a more loving way? Does this bring me closer to spirit?


After you have reviewed all of your triggers and content, get up, take a deep breath and start walking around your living space. Is there clutter? Are there items sitting around from previous relationships that no longer serve? Are there reminders of an old "you" that you want to move past? Is there a space you have been meaning to clear out for exercise, prayer, or meditation?

Make a plan to have the clutter or space cleared before the next weekend and commit to clearing your space and in turn clearing your mind for the 2019 you.


Cleansing can take on a few forms and it will depend on what feels more appropriate to you. Regardless, after taking stock of the past year and cleaning away clutter, it's time to focus on cleansing you and your energy to pave the way for a fruitful 2019.

Here are some ideas on cleansing:

  1. Take a ceremonial bath or shower. Create a sacred space with candles and favorite scents. Pray to a spiritual archetype (God, Spirit, guides, angels, saints, masters, etc...) to set a sacred and cleansing space for you. Imagine the things that did not serve you in 2018 and allow that energy to wash and drain off of your body. Imagine relationships and work situations and allow all of that energy to wash off of you and be transformed in the light and the water. Give thanks for the cleansing.

  2. Find an energy practitioner to specifically cleanse away and transform your energy from 2018. Or, if you are an energy practitioner (especially reiki), give yourself a treatment with the intention of cleansing away old energy that will no longer serve you as move forward in 2019 towards a fulfilling dream.

  3. Burn sage, incense, or aromatherapy in your home but make it a ceremony. Imagine that the smoke and scents are removing any unwanted thoughts or energies that would hold you back from living a fulfilled and health life in 2019 and as a family.

Step 2: Gardening in Your Heart

This is an invitation to explore what it is that you desire or what it is that you really need in your life to boost your spiritual path. Or maybe it's a mix of several areas of your life: finances, relationships, career, and staying healthy and happy.
Entering the space of your heart is scared. Make a morning, afternoon or evening of it. Intend that this is sacred space for you and make a date with yourself and invite in anyone that can help you vision and make your personal dream for 2019 as fulfilling as possible.

Heart Vision

For the first part, expect to spend about 10-15 minutes in a quiet space. This should be a quick session to connect in with your heart. Here's a process can you follow (or modify):

  1. Close your eyes and take three deep breathes

  2. Imagine a golden and white brilliant light entering your heart space and then engulfing your entire body in warmth and safety.

  3. Sit in silence for a few minutes

  4. Ask your heart, "Heart, what would you like to see me manifest so we can both be overjoyed and filled with gratitude?"

  5. Open your eyes and begin writing as fast as you can. If nothing comes to you in the moment, write down some of your wishes and wants.

  6. Close your eyes again and spend a minute in silence.

  7. Then ask your heart, "Heart, how can I best serve my family and my community in a way that brings us all joy?"

  8. Open your eyes and write down your responses without putting much thought into it.

  9. Close your eyes one last time and ask your heart, "Heart, what would you have me focus on this month?"

  10. Open your eyes and write down the responses. If you are struggling to get information, continue to write down your list of wants and desires for 2019.

Detailed Vision - Making It Emotional

Journal, draw, or print/cut out pictures of your vision that combines all of the elements from above. Think about all areas of your life: career, finances, relationships, family, fun, spirituality, and deep desires. Consider feelings, colors, images, and experiences. When you have an outline or rough idea of what you want to create and manifest for 2019 and beyond (consider even a 10-year plan). Then forget it all. Walk away and enjoy the rest of the day or evening.
But occasionally think about what you created or thought above every once in a while and then keep forgetting about it or letting it go. 

We will work on putting all of your heart visioning into form during the next step. Just enjoy the space of dreaming without the need to make it final. Give your heart the chance to express itself, change its mind, make the vision bigger & bigger, and gift you with beautiful visions for 2019.

Also, notice if there are two voicing going on. Maybe one is more gentle or encouraging while the other is more critical or dismissive. Ask yourself, which voice do you wish to give your power and attention to?

P.S. Feel free to take some notes throughout the week or days to help you remember any juicy thoughts and visions.

Step 3: Get into the Vision of 2019!

Your 2019 vision board and plan reminder

In the last step we all started to write down or sketch our vision and dreams for 2019 and then just put it down. In step three we will pick those back up and create our vision board or computer background to remind us of what we want more of in 2019.

Schedule another 2 hours:

Revisit what you wrote, drew or the pictures you collected in Part 2. Based on the thoughts and reflections from your past week are there things that you want to add? Are there things that should be cut away  or removed from your idea generation from the previous week?
Now comes the fun part: Create a vision board or a vision video, a painting, or a list/plan. Don’t walk away until you feel really excited and amped about your plan. Add one or two elements that might make you feel like you are stretching or a bit scary to manifest into your life. Play around with specificity levels or ambiguity levels. If it feels too specific and unachievable then get more vague (capture the feeling). If it feels too vague and there is no emotion (add in more specificity until you feel excited).

Post your vision or plan in area that you can look at multiple times a day. Replicate it if it needs to be in more than one place (i.e. bedroom + workplace)

Vision Board or Vision Video?

For those of you planning to create a vision board or a vision video, here are some useful links and resources to help you out this week:

Vision Board Links:

Vision Video Links

Enjoy vision boarding for 2019! Just keep in mind, you're not done yet. Next week we will check in to make sure the vision board still makes you feel amazing inside! 

Step 4: Does Your Vision Still Excite You?

This is a check-in to see if your vision still exhilarates you...

I just wanted you to know I haven't just been writing about putting a 2019 vision and plan together, I have been doing it right alongside you. If you want to see my vision movie for 2019, check out the Youtube video below:

For step (4) of our 2019 vision plan, we will be focusing on revising your plan, your board, or your movie to make sure it still has sizzle, juice, and ignites your heart!

Revise the plan:

  1. Sit and stare at your plan and see if there is anything missing or if something needs to be modified or come off.

  2. Check in with up to three trusted resources and see if there is anything from your plan that they think is missing (for example they mention that you forgot something from your list that you often mention or maybe find folks that you know will challenge you to step things up a bit).

  3. Ask yourself - do these images, words, and dreams still excite me?

  4. Update your board, movie or plan – consider adding a little more detail

  5. Hang back up in your reminder areas – i.e. bedroom, workplace, prayer/meditation space, etc... or save your movie and watch it every day.

In the fifth and final step, we will focus on our vision maintenance plan and how to keep the vision alive and fresh throughout the year.

Step 5: Watering and Upkeep of Your 2019 Vision

Keeping the passion alive while taking the steps to manifest your dreams.

Congratulations! You have created your vision for 2019! Now comes the fun part... living it and watching your vision and dream unfold and manifest in your life! There will be magical moments, there will be tough moments, and there will be moments when making the dream become real will be work. But if you learn to love the journey, the results will not matter!

Here are some thoughts on keeping the dream and the vision alive in 2019:

  1. Look at your vision or your movie every day

  2. Once per week ask if you are following the plan or need more structure to follow-through on it (i.e. schedule tasks, schedule goals, work with a life coach, ask a friend to hold you accountable, hire help (financial planners, clutter coaches, online dating services, etc…)

  3. Update any part of your plan that needs to change, or add more detail if you need to get down in detail to take the steps to reach your goal

  4. Plan a celebration party for when you hit your goal(s)

  5. Schedule in a quarterly review of your plan. Invite in resources your trust to review it. Have an intuitive session or a coaching session each quarter. Do your own meditation, card reading or self-intuitive session each quarter.

  6. Each quarter think about the details of your plan/vision and see if you can chunk it down further.

  7. Enjoy the journey. If you fall, just get back up. The faster you recover, the easier the journey becomes.

Have you already had some breakthroughs during the visioning process these last several weeks? If you have, I'd love to hear from you.

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Scott; The Ocean Intuitive