Twin flames, soulmates, and special relationships

Greetings Dear Spirt!
I recently did an intuitive reading for someone and the question of Twin Flame vs. Soulmate came up. I thought the answers that came up were worth sharing with all of you.

Twin Flames

Twin Flames are created when a soul decides to separate. This is exactly what the ego does over and over again. It separates many times trying to create as many experiences as possible. It is the ego's way of trying out billions (or more) simulations within the dream trying to figure out how to usurp God's creative intelligence.

A Twin Flame relationship may seem extremely intense because of the source of the separation. There will be many highs, followed by severe lows. It is easy to be very codependent with another Twin Flame. You will probably feel like you know the other person to depths you never dreamed were possible. Some of these relationships are very successful while others implode with grand fireworks. Such is the nature of relationships.

In the New Age community these relationships are sought after as if it is the end all be all type of relationships. I would say, enter with caution and realize it is simply just another "special relationship" that we will talk about below.


A soulmate is someone (or a group of souls) that travel through many lifetimes together. Agreements have been made to perform certain roles or act out certain scripts. Soulmates are typically those in your life that play a significant role - spouse/romantic relationships, mother, father, siblings, close friends, significant work relationships, etc...

Once again, because the main force behind our experience is the ego, any of these relationships can be either loving and supportive or abusive and negative. The main purpose of a soulmate relationship is to help you grow spiritually in some way (if you can see the lesson in it).

Special Relationships

As A Course in Miracles says: The world uses its special relationships as a final weapon of exclusion and a demonstration of separateness. (Introduction) To believe that special relationships, with special love, can offer you salvation is the belief that separation is salvation. (T-15.V.3.3)

The metaphysics of the Course says that you created the dream you are experiencing and there is only one of you. So any type of relationship should be used to practice true forgiveness. Whether it's a Twin Flame or Soulmate relationship, the Course would say practicing forgiveness is the only answer. Of course, continuing to love those in your life is part of the deal, but once we make our partner, friends or family special by seeing them as separate bodies... we trick our mind into thinking we are separate.

To truly bring love into the world, remember the forgiveness formula when seeing another within the dream:
1. Realize that you are the creator of the dream
2. Realize that the other person is really spirit and with God
3. Decide that you would rather experience God instead of this
4. Release the experience to the Holy Spirit so your mind may be healed

This may be a radically different way to think about the world and relationships, but I am curious if you have ever tried this approach before or realized that your relationships weren't as "special" as society makes them out to be. Yes, loving those around you is VERY important, but making it all so real that you get caught up in the drama is not so good... What do you think? Drop me a line or comment below.