Ways to Heal

Healing Past Trauma and Fear

Do you have recurring themes in life around hardships or types of people that make your life more difficult? Do certain things in life bring up anxiety or fear? If so, chances are you have some things from either: childhood, a past life or ancestral issues coming to the forefront begging to be healed. You may not even be aware of some of these recurring issues. That's why I always feel it's a good idea to see some type of a healer at least one time per year. I would also recommend one time per month if you feel that you are really working through some "big rocks" getting in your way. Here are some potential healing modalities and websites/practitioner listings to check out:

  • Reiki: This was the first healing type I got into and then became certified as a reiki master in Sedona, AZ. This is both a hands on type of healing and can be done at a distance. A practiced reiki healer can address: past trauma's, fear, health issues, ancestral issues and help you remove blocks. I highly recommend finding a local practitioner to receive the hands-on version.

  • Matrix Energetics: This is a Seattle-based method that has been taught all over the world. It is a quantum physics based healing and can be done very quickly to address emotional trauma as well as physical issues.

  • Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT): This began with Dolores Cannonand now continues with her daughter. It is a pretty intense 3-4 hour session that addresses a past life and then connects you with your higher self to address any healing and information you are looking for in your life. Some pretty dramatic healing has been documented with this method.

  • Hypnotherapy: Another method I am certified in and have found to be helpful for physical and emotional healing. It can be done in person or over Skype. I have linked to the school I went through, but you should be able to find a (certified) hypnotherapist in your area.

  • Reconnective Healing: I have never tried this modality but have heard of some amazing healing outcomes.

  • Biofield Tuning: My wife, Mary, has been really getting into using tuning forks to help heal and align frequencies. This work can focus on current health, past traumas and more!

  • Native American Council Guide work: This is an example of a Native American approach with a tremendous amount of integrity. I use it as an example to address ancestral and current ways to heal. I would recommend searching for authentic native healers and shamans in your area (or at least someone you feel a connection with). Possibly even try sweat lodges or vision quests as well.

  • Plus there are many other wonderful modalities that are readily available such as: acupuncture (one of my favorites), yoga, cranial sacral, massage, salt spas, naturopathic care, and more...

Why not give yourself the gift of working with a healer before the end of the year?


The second area of healing I would like to address is in regards with touch. We live in a society that is strongly dominated by technology and busy schedules. How often do we take the time to receive or offer touch to others? I have found that giving or receiving hugs has the following effect on me: calms me down, helps me feel more connected with others, and provides a sense of peace and well-being. How often do you receive a loving touch in your life?

I have noticed that, especially in the workplace, touch is frowned upon for various and obvious reasons.  We (as a society) may have swung too far on the other side of giving/receiving touch and are afraid to make simple (but healing gestures) liking touching someone's arm or (God forbid) hugging at work.

Here are some thoughts on including more touch in your life to enhance peace and healing:
1. Find that friend that always seems to be hugging others or touching during a conversation. Make it a point to allow the touching and notice how you feel.
2. Try the above but be the initiator. Reach out and touch someone's arm (start with a friend). Initiate hugs. Notice how you feel (after some initial awkwardness - maybe).
3. If you haven't been intimate with your partner in awhile (or maybe you have), go into the intimacy slowly and savor all of the touching. Enjoy embracing before and after.
4. If you're single, consider joining a hugging meetup group!

Daily Health Maintenance

Receiving healing and touch is great. But they may not be enough to get you through each and every day. Here are some daily tips to keep you happy, healthy and vibrant:
1. Find the food diet and eating schedule that fits YOUR body. Vegan and vegetarian are popular these days, but really explore if meat may serve you. I personally have found a paleo diet with the removal of rice and soy serve me best. Thanks to my friend, Sheldon, I have also been doing an intermittent diet (16 hours off food, 8 hours on) and I have been feeling great. I also go off of the intermittent fasting when I feel I need to. The golden rule here is: listen to your body!
2. Take 5 minutes in the morning, 5 minutes during the middle of work/the day, and 5 minutes at night to just completely unplug and breathe. Try meditation. Eventually try breaking up the day more.
3. Take a break from the computer at least once every hour. Get up and take a little walk. Call a friend or colleague. Leave a meeting a few minutes early and try to relax.
4. Try to get in as much walking as possible or design in an exercise regimen (3-5 days a week).
5. Decide every day how you want to be with other people and also take a break from certain work or people that are disrupting your health.

How about you? Did you receive any insights from this week's newsletter? Do you have any tips to add from the above? I'd love to hear from you. If you have anything to add, I'd love to share it with the group in the next newsletter!