A 5-Step Process for Creating Your Yearly Vision/Plan

A 5-Step Process for Creating Your Yearly Vision/Plan

A 5-step guide to creating a transformational vision or plan for the year. A way to reach down deep into your heart and pull out a truly meaningful and powerful vision that will move you close to your dream. Plus practical tips and resources to create your vision board or vision movie.

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Twin flames, soulmates, and special relationships

Greetings Dear Spirt!
I recently did an intuitive reading for someone and the question of Twin Flame vs. Soulmate came up. I thought the answers that came up were worth sharing with all of you.

Twin Flames

Twin Flames are created when a soul decides to separate. This is exactly what the ego does over and over again. It separates many times trying to create as many experiences as possible. It is the ego's way of trying out billions (or more) simulations within the dream trying to figure out how to usurp God's creative intelligence.

A Twin Flame relationship may seem extremely intense because of the source of the separation. There will be many highs, followed by severe lows. It is easy to be very codependent with another Twin Flame. You will probably feel like you know the other person to depths you never dreamed were possible. Some of these relationships are very successful while others implode with grand fireworks. Such is the nature of relationships.

In the New Age community these relationships are sought after as if it is the end all be all type of relationships. I would say, enter with caution and realize it is simply just another "special relationship" that we will talk about below.


A soulmate is someone (or a group of souls) that travel through many lifetimes together. Agreements have been made to perform certain roles or act out certain scripts. Soulmates are typically those in your life that play a significant role - spouse/romantic relationships, mother, father, siblings, close friends, significant work relationships, etc...

Once again, because the main force behind our experience is the ego, any of these relationships can be either loving and supportive or abusive and negative. The main purpose of a soulmate relationship is to help you grow spiritually in some way (if you can see the lesson in it).

Special Relationships

As A Course in Miracles says: The world uses its special relationships as a final weapon of exclusion and a demonstration of separateness. (Introduction) To believe that special relationships, with special love, can offer you salvation is the belief that separation is salvation. (T-15.V.3.3)

The metaphysics of the Course says that you created the dream you are experiencing and there is only one of you. So any type of relationship should be used to practice true forgiveness. Whether it's a Twin Flame or Soulmate relationship, the Course would say practicing forgiveness is the only answer. Of course, continuing to love those in your life is part of the deal, but once we make our partner, friends or family special by seeing them as separate bodies... we trick our mind into thinking we are separate.

To truly bring love into the world, remember the forgiveness formula when seeing another within the dream:
1. Realize that you are the creator of the dream
2. Realize that the other person is really spirit and with God
3. Decide that you would rather experience God instead of this
4. Release the experience to the Holy Spirit so your mind may be healed

This may be a radically different way to think about the world and relationships, but I am curious if you have ever tried this approach before or realized that your relationships weren't as "special" as society makes them out to be. Yes, loving those around you is VERY important, but making it all so real that you get caught up in the drama is not so good... What do you think? Drop me a line or comment below.

The Top 5 Questions and Answers I Get As An Intuitive

Over the years I have noticed a pattern in the types of questions that people ask as well as the advice that their spiritual guidance (higher self) tends to offer them. I thought I would share the Top 5 questions/answers with you below. What I have learned about each of you is that: each one of you/us is beautiful and unique. We all have a gift to share the world (sometimes it’s as simple as who you are, your smile or your energy) and it just needs to be embraced and expressed fully. We all have a unique “energy signature.” We are ALWAYS surrounded by our spiritual team and by God. We are always loved and cheered on. There is nothing that we can do that is “Wrong” and cannot be used for our spiritual development.

Here are the Top 5 Questions/Answers:

#5 – About a person: Is this a good person to have in my life? What is the outcome?

Relationships are usually a huge topic to discuss within a clients life. The interesting thing I have found about relationship questions is that most people already know the answer. While I feel I have a gift to tune into the other person’s energy as well as the relationship, whenever I share what I am getting with my client they usually sigh and say, “Yeah, I already knew that.”

I think all of us are intuitive, especially when it comes to our relationships, and we understand if the person we are with is going to be good for us long-term. I think the only exception is if you are in a relationship with someone who is extremely deceptive (both internally and externally) and I have found this to be very rare.

At the same time, emotions and feelings about someone can be very strong – even if we know the person we are with is either toxic or holding us back. When the love or addiction emotions are strong and the relationship is toxic, it can mean a few things:

  1. This was a contracted relationship so that both of you have an opportunity to heal either a past karmic relationship or that you both get a chance to stop negative behaviors. Typically only one will be conscious enough to understand this. It typically requires my client to finally understand that the relationship is not serving them in a positive way and that they will need to find the strength to say “no” to the toxic relationship and “yes” to a healthy, loving and supportive relationship. This will seem very hard to many people. They will be confused, scared and feel stuck. A lot of my clients will say that they are afraid to leave the other person because they might not find someone else.
    Typical advice: If you say “no” to the bad relationship, you are opening yourself up to a big “yes” to a better relationship.
    Look out for: repeated toxic people – keep saying NO!
  2. This is someone that is part of your toxic pattern. The toxic pattern can be related to shame, guilt or a belief that you deserve to be treated a certain way. This belief may have been created growing up as a child due to one or both parents reinforcing negative beliefs or abuse patterns. But I typically find this is a pattern that has been running through several lifetimes.
    Typical advice: the past pattern doesn’t matter. What do you want for yourself now? What do you have to say “no” to now in order to be in a loving relationship? What will make you feel safe?
  3. This person may actually be part of your “ soul group" and once again has chosen a role to help you learn that self-love is just as important as an external/special love relationship. For many spiritually-minded or gentle folks, this is typically a bigger lesson than learning to love others. Typical advice: What step can you take today to allow more self-love into your life? What can you say “no” to today in relationship (i.e. taking a day off, taking the week off, taking the evening off, not texting for a day, etc…).

Toxic relationships aside, most of the relationship questions I get are typically validating that they are good and positive in the moment. Because we are dealing with another person, it is always wise to keep checking in with your own sense of guidance about the relationship. Relationship outcomes may change over time.

#4 – Am I doing the right things to live my purpose?

This is a question I can personally relate to. Question 4 and 3 are very related but purpose implies more of a sense of spiritual purpose. A way to live life and serve others that will feed your soul as well as help people along the way.

The purpose question is also not so easy to answer in a general way. The answer to life purpose is definitely varied for each person. But here is a shot at typical answers to help you understand if you are living a life of purpose:

  • Are you taking classes or doing work (even as a hobby) for things that you really enjoy and bring you happiness?
  • Are you helping others in some way in your life (it doesn’t have to just be through a job or interest)
  • Do you feel connected to your spirituality? To God or Creator?
  • Does your job bring you any satisfaction or happiness on top of a paycheck?
  • Are you taking any steps to move in the direction of a burning desire?

You don’t have to answer “yes” to all of the questions above. But in some way you should be honoring a burning desire within yourself. Especially one that not only serves you but others as well. In my understanding from readings, a true life purpose (especially a spiritual one) allows you to be joyful while you are serving others in some way. It doesn’t have to be serving food to the homeless or bringing water to villages in Africa (it might) but as long as you are helping others to be happy or healthy in some way, that will do.

Typical advice: Follow your passion and hand your doubts and worries over to Spirit. There’s no need to take a leap of faith if you’re called to change careers or move somewhere – Spirit can go as slow as you want to go – just take a step!

#3 – What is the best career path for me?

Again, this is related to #4 above. Most people know at a deep level that Job [Fill in the blank] isn’t really fulfilling them. The question that is really underlying this one is: Do I have permission to follow what’s in my heart?

Or in some cases, clients are doing a job that they enjoy but they might not be surrounded by people that inspire them. Or maybe the company mission is not in alignment with their belief system. Basically, something needs to change about their job environment but they feel stuck or unsure how to move forward.

Luckily in this case, I have found that Spirit (Holy Spirit) loves to empower the client. Here is a typical process that Spirit has me do with clients:

  1. Close your eyes and take several deep breathes
  2. Hand over any thoughts, concerns or tension in your body to Spirit to send into the light and release
  3. Question 1 to Spirit: Is my current job in alignment of my highest and best self? If, yes, then ask: what needs to change within my mind or what needs to be healed?
  4. Question 2 to Spirit (if no from above): What kind of job would be best for me now? Wait for the answer. If nothing comes, ask again. If nothing comes, ask again. If still nothing comes after trying several times then stop. Try again later that day or the next day. If nothing comes, try a third day. Eventually something will pop into your head or you’ll notice a web post or a friend will say something to you.
  5. Question 3 to Spirit: Once you know what it is you could be doing, ask: Should I quit my job this week? This month? The next 6 months? This Year? Next Year? Or When? Repeat the process above if nothing comes to you right away.

My advice: A career change or new career can be quite a process. Take it from me, I have been dealing with this for almost two decades. I have a foot in the corporate world and another foot in the spiritual world. My advice is to allow yourself to make any change at the pace YOU feel comfortable with. Spirit has all of the patience in the world since It knows times is just an illusion. Spirit is only concerned with your spiritual growth and your happiness. Quite honestly, you could also learn to be happy with the job you have right now… but eventually your deepest desire will want to win out, so why not take one baby step today?

#2 – Will I meet my life partner in this lifetime? When will I meet my partner?

For those that are single at the moment, this is probably their biggest and most burning question. Finances usually take a back seat (but not always). I can definitely relate to this one since it was on my mind for a long time. I didn’t meet my wife until I was thirty-six. I wondered for a long time if I would find anyone. Especially since I seemed to allow myself to get hurt in relationships or to meet women who didn’t want to commit. Sound familiar?

This can be a tricky answer for some people and here is why:

  • There are some folks that have come to experience a life without a partner. I can usually suss this out, but not always.
    Some shocking advice: Surrender to the idea that this might be possible. Allow any pain, fear or anger to come up around this idea and then call your Higher Self, Holy Spirit/God, Angels or masters to come in and heal this thought and the pain.
  • There may be some past trauma or beliefs that could be “blinding” you or preventing you from finding a committed partner. Ugh. This one really blows. I find this happens to the sweetest and most deserving women (and men). I have seen this pattern in others and myself.
    Advice: Learning to say “no” quickly to a potential partner when they tell you they are not ready to commit. I know this may seem hard to do (especially if you haven’t been with someone in a while) but you are basically reinforcing the idea that you do not deserve a committed and loving partnership. There will be someone else who will come along or the person you are with may realize they are making a big mistake and change their mind! And sometimes you may need to say “no” many times. The universe loves to play it’s cruel game of, “are you sure? are you really sure?” over and over again.
    Advice: go to healers or learn healing to practice on yourself and remove any blocks you may notice around relationships.
  • You may not be ready for a relationship yourself! Take a look at your life right now. How is your emotional stability? Where do you spend most of your time physically or in your mind? What thoughts or beliefs do you have around deserving a great relationship?
    Advice: Create a list or visual of how you feel emotionally, how you view a relationship for yourself and where you tend to focus your energy right now. If you notice a list or a picture that does not promote a healthy and mutually loving relationship (like it might be all about you or the other person) than realize you have some internal work to do. If this is the case, don’t expect things to change overnight (it could be quick, but it might take a little time). Start to ask yourself if you think you have the ability to make the changes yourself or if you might need help from friends, family or professionals.

Honestly, in a lot of cases I can sense that many people are meant to be in a partnership/relationship. It’s a wonderful tool that Spirit uses to help you grow and have someone that can help reflect the areas that are blocking you. Plus if it is something you truly and deeply desire, than working with Spirit can help you find the relationship that was meant for you all along. Ask Spirit everyday for guidance and be open to taking action (even if it doesn’t seem directly related with finding a partner).

#1 – How can I increase my financial wealth or abundance?

Not surprising that this question is asked over and over again by most clients. I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t on my mind as well. What we are all really asking is: How can I experience more freedom in my life?

Most people tend to think there is a ton of magic and mystery involved with bringing in more financial wealth or abundance. I struggled with this for years myself and I am finally breaking through old beliefs and patterns and seeing actual results (my last success was in the digital currency arena which I may write about one day).

Here is the 7 step formula that I have learned that canmake a huge difference in your financial/abundance results:

  1. Decide that it’s possible to be abundant and be WILLING to listen to guidance
  2. Start with some financial or abundance goal (write it down, create a vision board, etc…). Realize you CANNOT make this happen on your own.
  3. Hand your goal over to Spirit (I connect with God/Holy Spirit but use whatever archetype works for you)
  4. Start to tune your mind to abundance opportunities – investigate investments, listen to friends advice, search the internets, join groups…
  5. Ask Spirit about each choice. Is it good for you? Ask three times on three different days. If you keep hearing a “yes”… then it is meant for you
  6. Take action!!!!!!! Actually do it.
  7. Repeat

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question. If you’d like to have your own intuitive reading experience, then contact me and I’d love to chat with you!