About Scott

Greetings and welcome, dear one! I have been a professional intuitive and life coach for the past thirteen years giving personal readings and sessions to folks all over the world. I thoroughly enjoy connecting with people like you and your spiritual team so that you can get the information and support to live a happy and fulfilled life. Especially if you are considering career or relationship transitions.

I am a certified professional (life) coach, a certified hypnotherapist, a certified Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner, a certified angel guide, and a reiki master. I love to blend any of these skills in a session to help with blocks/stuckness, past trauma or belief systems that may be preventing you from fully living the life you have dreamed.

I do have a day job in the aerospace industry as an engineer. You may be surprised to learn this, but I really think it helps bring a balance to sessions. I can bring in the heart and the head as well as spiritual and practical applications.

I also enjoy writing (under my pen name - Scott Krytsa) and have published a couple of books that may interest you:

  • Forgiveness Inc: Secret Spirituality at Work; this book is all about how I practiced A Course in Miracles while working in a corporate environment. I explain the process and spiritual benefits.

  • The Spirit That Moves Mountains: A Novel; this is a novel exploring the relationship between Jeshua, Mary Magdalene, God and Holy Spirit. It wonders what Jeshua and Mary were like practicing A Course in Miracles and how that would have changed the traditional New Testament stories.