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Intuitive Life Coaching Sessions


Intuitive life coaching sessions help guide and nurture you through any life decision, dream, or relationship. Spiritual information and new perspectives go a long way in living a fulfilled life. 30 or 60 minute individual sessions and packages are available. Phone/Skype/Zoom is typical and all sessions are recorded.

Angel Guide Sessions

Do you have a special connection with angels or would like to develop a connection? Does the idea of being guided by benevolent and loving spiritual archetypes sound exciting to you? Join me on a 60-minute spirit-filled adventure with your angels - gain clarity around any life issue and address healing.



Are you curious about intuitive coaching or angel guide sessions. Curious how Scott does a session to help you? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more info.

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“Scott's readings have always resonated profoundly in my heart as true...” - Sheldon

"Scott has a beautiful way of creating a safe, welcoming space that puts you at ease allowing you to open up and be comfortable." - Jo